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Robert Bentley Headshot

Robert Bentley

Owner, Legacy Martial Arts

We chose Kicksite for a couple specific reasons. It’s customizable to our needs. As an ATA school that teaches other programs (BJJ, Fitness Classes, Yoga, Zumba), it was important to us that we were able to create our own belt structure and have the ability to have one student in multiple programs. Kicksite made that all too easy. Also, the ability to use a tablet at our front counter for student attendance and then have automatic “miss you” emails sent out frees up time for myself and my staff to focus on better customer service. Anytime I’ve had any questions on how to use Kicksite, Melissa and the other Kicksite staff have gone above and beyond to take me from a beginner user to expert. Finally, the fact that everything is web-based allows me to keep track of what goes on in my school even when I’m not there. I have and will continue to recommend Kicksite to all of my school owner friends.