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Master L. Hilderbrand

Owner, Yoon's Martial Arts (Dover, DE)

We recently did a trial with Kicksite and were amazed. In twenty years I’ve been through a lot of programs and billing. I have used attendance with finger scanners, bar code scanners, and more. But Kicksite has put it all in perspective. So easy for students to check in, so easy to see who has not been in class. It’s the greatest retention program I have ever used.

When parents came and noted they got my emails for our school events I was again put hand in hand with my students. It became clear we had found a web based program that was the elite of its kind. We signed with the company. No more attendance problems or communication problems with students. You already know as school owners we are skeptical. Finally I see the light. The program saves another 10-15% of students who would normally fall through the cracks. It’s really exciting now to have that level of communication.

We always fear what we don’t understand. In this case I would have the fear of not having this option and its benefits. Great Job to the Kicksite Team. I think you finally got something there. Something that deserves our respect. The same we teach and hope to earn.