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Head shot of Master Chan Lee

Master Chan Lee

Owner, J.K. Lee's Black Belt Academies (Milwaukee, WI)

Kicksite is one of the easiest and most efficient martial art school management systems I have used. My staff find it easy to use and has made attendance and retention at my school much easier to track and deal with. Want the best software on the market? Look no further, this is it.


Video Transcript:

“Hi everybody, Master Chan Lee here! Hey, I’m at the US Open Hanmadang here in Colorado Springs. I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have my students compete here. I just wanted to tell you something about something that’s really helped my operations, it’s called Kicksite. I used to be with a lot of other different companies. I’ve got five locations with fifteen hundred students. A lot of people to manage, to communicate with them, track their attendance, make sure they’re attending classes and things like that. And one thing I love about Kicksite, one is that it’s very easy to use, it’s very user friendly. And I really like how responsive their staff is in terms of getting things done and making sure that, you know, things are fixed right away, or if they want to improve something, I make suggestions and it happens to be done. But, you know, in the past I remember I’ve used other companies where you’ve put all your data with them and then all the sudden they’d just be out of business overnight. And one thing I’m really secure with Jason Neef and the people that work at Kicksite, is that they’ve been around for awhile. And it’s a very incredible company. And, you know, I remember one of the biggest hurdles is that you have a system that might be working and you want to use it into a new system and there’s all this data entry. They made it dead simple for us to just transfer our old databases to new ones. Anyway, check out Kicksite,, or just call Mr. Jason Neef. Guy is amazing and he’s got good people at his place too. So, that’s my recommendation!”