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Mark Vives

Mark Vives

Owner, New Breed Training Center

“Within the past few years, I have increased my travel and competition schedule and have long searched for an answer to the question of how to stay on top of engaging my student base while I am away. Kicksite provided me with that answer. The platform has been very easy to use, is highly customizable, and (very soon) will give me the opportunity to provide my students with even more value with their memberships. The ‘push’ reporting and engagement tools alone have been a massive upgrade. I can’t wait to master all the tools Kicksite offers.”

Video Transcript:

“Hey guys, its Mark Vives here from New Breed Training Center here in Chicago. Just wanted to sit here and give a couple quick words about, for me, what has helped me grow New Breed Training Center to the gym that it is today, to the team that it is today. And that is Kicksite.”

“I just want to say a few things about Kicksite, the whole team there, and everything they have done for myself, for our school, and for our members here as well too. If you guys haven’t had the chance to check out the Kicksite software, for me it changed the game a lot. Prior to me using Kicksite, I used a bunch of other softwares, and they never really gave me a good grasp on how to handle everything that was going on in the gym.”

“Especially with me, I travel all the time, I have been competing pretty much non-stop for the past five years, and competing very regularly for the past ten. I am always traveling and ever really around here. Using Kicksite, some of the features that really help me out with this is communications. Being able to sit here and set up blast texts and blast emails off of my phone, tablet, or laptop, especially during the 2020 COVID situation, and keeping everyone engaged and up-to-date on everything we are doing for our safety protocols. This was key and one of my favorite features. Being able to schedule communications and newsletters way out in advance via text or email was great.”

“Another feature that I was able to use during lockdown and cash payments and that was the online video library. That right there is a tremendous resource that anyone can use, and gives every owner out there an opportunity to build a catalog of information for your members, so that they can go ahead and just access at any time.”

“I really have to thank Kicksite and everything that the software and the company has done for me and New Breed Training Center. You guys have basically helped me turn the corner, and I look forward to many more years! Thank you.”