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Maggie Grindatti

Office Manager, Fight Sports (Miami, FL)

Meet Maggie Grindatti! She is the office manager and one of the instructors at Fight Sports Miami, which is also their Global location. She is sharing one of the many reason why she loves Kicksite and how it has made her life managing Fight Sports a lot easier. Maggie had been introduced to Kicksite at the No Gi Worlds in California and she had expressed her challenges with using software that wasn’t specific to martial arts. She also stated that she was using two different software platforms to manage Fight Sports, which was double the work when it came to running transactions, keeping track of inventory, tracking attendance and signing up new student memberships. If you are having the same struggles as Maggie, Watch the video below to hear more about how Kicksite has made her life easier when managing Fight Sports.


Video Transcript:

“Hey guys, what’s up it’s Maggie Grindatti and I am here at Fight Sports Miami. I have one secret for you guys that allows me to manage a gym and also be a top competitor and the answer is Kicksite. Kicksite is the program I use to be able to track students, their attendance, payments, inventory, everything I need. It has made my life so much easier and it can also help you with yours.

Not only does it make my life easier but also the students. All they need to do is pick their favorite number for their ID, press go and it tracks how long they have been at the belt for and how many classes they have attended. If you have been looking for or thinking about making a change in your gym to be able to make your life easier as well, please feel free to ask me any questions you have or don’t hesitate to call Kicksite today and get signed up.”