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Jim Niland

Jim Niland

Owner, All American Martial Arts (Augustine, FL)

Meet Jim Niland, owner of All American Martial Arts in Augustine, FL. Here he talks about his first experience with Kicksite at the Martial Arts SuperShow in 2018 and how his journey with Kicksite has been so far!



Video Testimonial:

“Hello, my name’s Jim Niland and I’m from Augustine, Florida and I own a martial arts software there. I was looking for a solution for some software to run a school. I had a product that I wasn’t happy with so I came to the Martial Arts SuperShow last year and I talked to all of the software providers here.

Let me tell you why, number one when I spoke with Maggie, she was the woman that originally spoke to me about this and she knew every single aspect of going ahead and showing you what I needed to see. Every time I said, “Well what about billing or what about testing,” she knew where it was and I was pretty rough with her and I didn’t give her much room to breathe and she hung in there and she did a great job! Matter of fact, she’s filming this right now.

So anyways, I decided to go with Kicksite. Since I’ve gone with them, I can say customer service is second to none! Every time I have called and every time I have emailed them, no matter what it is, they are there for me. If they don’t have the answer for me, I can tell you within a day (usually less than a day), I’ve got the answer. There is a 101 things that I could tell you that I like about Kicksite so it would take too long. If you’re looking for a solution definitely go to Kicksite and if you don’t want to talk to them then talk to me.