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Gabriel Arges

Owner, Gracie Barra Thousand Oaks & Gracie Barra Ventura

Meet Gabriel Arges, world champion jiu jitsu athlete and owner of Gracie Barra Thousand Oaks & Ventura. Here, Gabriel talks about why he chooses Kickiste to manage his two locations.

Video Transcript:

“Hey everybody my name is Gabriel Arges and I am a professional jiu jitsu athlete as well as a school owner. So I have been managing schools and working at martial arts gyms for years now, almost a decade so i’ve had experience with difference softwares but I am here to talk about my current experience with Kicksite.”

“Kicksite has been my best software so far, they have many great tools in the software, the communications, the merchant services, they are all top notch and the reports as well. One thing I would like to highlight as well is the client section of the software. The second a prospect comes into the software through either the website or manually through your staff, as a prospect, they are already in software and you can create an appointment for when they want to come in and try out your classes. And from there, you can turn a prospect into a student and it is very easy, and saves us a lot of time and work for us here in the office.’

“Having that student data base, it’s just priceless- for attendance purposes and promotions, and obviously you know, keeping track of everyone that is at your school. So I definitely recommend the software a lot, and I hope you guys like it a lot, and enjoy if you give it a try.”