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Devine Jiu Jitsu Camden

Owner, Sean McCleary

“My onboarding experience with Kicksite was amazing, Kicksite has been a lifesaver ” – Devine Jiu Jitsu Camden


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What is Devine Jiu Jitsu Camden?

Devin Jiu Jitsu Camden is a jiu jitsu school run by my wife, Mary, and I. We are both black belts under professor Scott Devine, and we are located in St. Mary’s, Georgia! We teach jiu jitsu classes primarily, and we are starting to run fitness and conditioning classes as well in the early mornings. We have been open a little over one year this month. My wife Mary is a BJJ black belt and has been training for over 13 years, and has her personal training certification. I am also a BJJ black belt and have been training for 8 years now. I currently compete a lot and am starting to compete at the world level.



Some of the biggest challenges we faced for our school was advertising and getting our name out there, as well as keeping track of the numbers (memberships, attendance, payment schedules, waivers, and agreements). We did not really know where we were stood financially, our member count, and everything else.




My onboarding experience with Kicksite was amazing. I got paired with one of their success agents, Devin, who gave me the personal one-on-one training that I needed. He did an amazing job teaching me the ins and outs of Kicksite. Truly the customer service is amazing.

Kicksite allowed us to have a birds-eye view of EVERYTHING. We now know how many members we have, and we are able to track their attendances a lot easier. We also are able to see how much the gym is making right on our dashboard, and have an easy way to keep track of our memberships and waivers. The Kicksite landing pages make it easy for us to market our school and get out name out there, which was one of the challenges we faced. Kicksite has been an absolute life saver!

I would recommend Kicksite to every single martial arts gym owner.


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