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Curtis Mast

Owner, Atlanta's United Tae Kwon Do (Decatur, GA)


“Hi, my name is Luciano Medina, master instructor. I’m the president for the state of Illinois and also I’m the president for Champion Taekwondo. I use Kicksite in my daily basis in my studio. Actually, my staff is the one that uses it and they’re very pleased with the software, it’s a great tool for our studio. One good thing about it is when I’m traveling I can open it up and I can see what’s going on with my studio. So it’s a great, great thing to use. I hope you guys somewhere will try it and benefit from this service.”


Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Master Curtis Mast. I’m from the Atlantis United Taekwondo in Decatur, Georgia. I’m here talking about Kicksite and what a wonderful experience it’s been for my school. The day I knew I needed Kicksite was the day that I first spoke to them. I’ve reviewed a lot of software over the years and this was the first time that since the first moment I interacted with the company, I knew I needed the software. They answered every question that I ever had. Everything that I needed they said that they could do and they delivered. The first time I knew that they were willing to help me was when they asked me to send them my additional information. I spent about three days going through different spreadsheets and systems to get all the information that now is in one place, and that’s Kicksite. That alone has been a huge help. It has helped increase my attendance. It has helped increase my tracking of students. The students love the attendance features, the awards they get every month from their attendance that they make at the school. It has helped my revenue. It has helped with my retention. So in terms of value added to my company, it has been a huge value added and I highly recommended Kicksite to anyone who’s looking for a fantastic martial arts school solution. So check them out! Definitely call me if you’re wanting to get another recommendation for them. And I wish you best of luck! Have a good day.”