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Cole Bailey Headshot

Cole Bailey

Co-Owner, Mid-America Karate Academy (Fayetteville, AR)

Kicksite absolutely blew me away. It is a phenomenal tool and the people are great to work with.”



Video transcript:

“Hey everybody! I’m Cole Bailey with Mid American Karate. We have three locations in northwest Arkansas and northeast Oklahoma. I just wanted to take a second today to tell you guys a little bit more about Kicksite. You know, my father had developed a software back in mid 90’s, and it certainly was from the mid 90’s. It was stone age technology, and we certainly knew a couple years ago that we really needed to do something new. So, you know, I’m forever grateful for Jason approaching me at com a couple years back and saying, “Hey Cole, come over here real fast and let me show you some of the features of Kicksite.” And it absolutely blew me away. You know, it was space age technology to me from what we were using, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. 


So, I would say some of the biggest things about Kicksite are this:


Number one are the people. You know, the people there, the customer service, and the friendly faces. To be able to help you guys is just priceless. We had a rather large database that needed to be put into Kicksite and Pamela and the team there were like, “Hey no problem, we can get this taken care of for you.” And so that’s just been great, so forever grateful there. But as far as the features of Kicksite, number one, immediately we saw an improvement in our communication. Communication is clarity for us and so that was key. So at the click of a button we can contact our entire student body and make that very efficient. We can also contact specific programs. So I’m sure at your studios you have different programs there, so that’s been huge for us. 


I would say number two is the dashboard feature. You know, it’s right there in your face everyday, whenever you turn on your Kicksite. And it lets you know exactly what’s going on in your academy. Everything from attendances, to program upgrades, to birthdays, which is my personal favorite. I love being able to tell my student body, either on Facebook or when they come into class, “happy birthday!” But not just that, but to able to send prospects that we’ve had in the studio or come in contact with over time, send them “happy birthdays” and maybe “you should come to our studio for a birthday party!” And so it’s a great lead generating tool. 


And number three, I would say the financials. To be able to shift all our financials over to their financial institution at Kicksite has been just a breeze for us, it’s been great. And I don’t know about you guys but we’ve certainly had our fair share of headaches on our financial institutions in the past. And the guys at Kicksite are great to work with and you can rest assured that it’s a great program for your financials. You know, I could go on and on and on about all the different features and things that we use on a daily basis with Kicksite. Things like attendance and attendance awards to continue to motivate your students and for good retention. Also, the library, you know, where we’ve actually uploaded all our curriculum DVDs so we can actually rank specifics, give our student body the curriculum DVDs at the click of a button for them. And even the social media. You know the social media, which we’re just now really dabbling in, has been really an eye opening experience, and we love that feature. So yeah, you know, Kicksite is a phenomenal tool, and again, the people are great there to work with. So if you’re thinking about a new system, you know, rest assured the guys there at Kicksite, Jason and the team, are an awesome team to work with. And I hope this helped! So, hope you have a great day and we’ll talk to you soon. Bye.”