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Clark Gracie

Clark Gracie

Founder of Clark Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Kicksite is focused on Jiu Jitsu, so that’s the main reason I made the switch.  The Kicksite team made the move easy.  Because Kicksite is only for martial arts, it’s easy to use and gives me exactly what I need to make sure tuition is collected, students are happy, and my business is growing. 5/5

Clark Gracie, Founder of Clark Gracie Jiu Jitsu



Video Transcript:

Jason Neef : “So Clark tell us a little bit about your background in Jiu Jitsu.”


Clark Gracie: “I grew up training Jiu Jitsu under my father Carley Gracie and it’s always been apart of my life. It’s pretty much been expected of me that at some point in my life that I would end up teaching jiu jitsu and having my own academy so I knew that day would come.


Jason Neef: “At what age did you go beyond just training jiu jitsu to actually teaching jiu jitsu?”


Clark Gracie: “I kind of got thrown into teaching when I was 16 years old. I think that was really good for me because it helped me really understand the movements and the technical side more in depth because I had to break it down.”


Jason Neef: “At what point did you transition from a practitioner to a teacher and owning your own school?”


Clark Gracie: “In my early 20’s I started teaching more professionally for my own business and academy and at that point it definitely got busier and busier and as time went on and in every way it kept getting bigger and bigger.”


Jason Neef: “It’s one thing to love Jiu Jitsu and it’s another to own a business. Tell me a little bit more about what prompted the decision to open a school.”


Clark Gracie: “I just love teaching and I enjoy sharing my jiu jitsu and seeing jiu jitsu make people’s lives better and all the benefits that come with training jiu jitsu. It was something I’ve always wanted to do and I had good people around me and had a good team of students already and even business partners that wanted to help me get started.”


Jason Neef: “Going into business is probably an eye opening moment. Tell me a little bit about what that experience is like when you first transitioned into business ownership.”


Clark Gracie: ” It was intense. Once I got started having my own location, there’s a lot more attention to the academy than just teaching out of other people’s schools. As we got bigger, I felt that we really need a software to keep us organized and keep us from losing track of students, losing track of attendance and payments and the whole business side.


Jason Neef: “Before you went to a software solution, how did you manage and keep up with everybody?”


Clark Gracie: “Luckily, I wasn’t the main person in charge of that side of things but I could tell it was something that was very hectic and the bigger we got, after we past 40-50 students, it starts to get more than you can handle on my paper or just in front of your desk. We really felt the benefit of having software system.”



Jason Neef: “That’s a good point I want to reiterate, We find the same. At about 50 students, people can do it and right over 50 people start missing things. It’s hard to keep up with everything. Talk to me a little bit about what it was like after you’ve implemented software and specifically as a Kicksite customer which we are very proud to say you are. What was that like making that change?”


Clark Gracie: “It was a relief to be able to count on a software to keep us organized whether it’s recurring billing payments, easy way to sign people up and knowing my staff can have a great experience with the customer service that Kicksite provides to make sure that everyone is taken care of.”


Jason Neef: “You’ve mentioned your staff and you’ve got some great people, I’ve had the fortune of meeting many of them. Tell us a little more about what the experience has been like for them being able to use Kicksite.”


Clark Gracie: “I know at any time they have a question, they get onto your chat, they talk to your staff at your home base and they get their questions answered. It’s a learning a curve, it’s a learning process but the more time we spend in the software, the more time they spend talking to the staff the less questions they have but the great thing is the questions can be answered and we can continue doing business smoothly.”


Jason Neef: “One thing that I think that doesn’t make you unique to the jiu jitsu space is that you travel a ton and you are often out of the country, you compete a lot and you’re with your affiliates all over the world. How has Kicksite affected your ability to travel knowing that the business has to go on while you are away?”


Clark Gracie: “It definitely helps me relax knowing that the staff can rely on a reliable software and it’s not going to be a mess once I leave because I know the software and my staff can hold everything together while I’m gone.”


Jason Neef: “Any other closing comments?”


Clark Gracie: “It’s been a pleasure to deal with this software and without it, it would be a big mess in my academy. I’d spend so many hours trying to stay organized so without it, it’d be very difficult. The most important thing is that we are able to spend more time on the mat doing what’s most important and give more attention to our students instead of having to deal with paperwork.”


Jason Neef: “On behalf of the Kicksite team, we know how valuable you are in the jiu jitsu community. You definitely live and breathe and sacrifice for jiu jitsu so if we can play a small part in your ability to do that more then we are grateful to do so. We are happy to have you apart of the Kicksite family and thanks for your continued support.”