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Akula TKD

Akula Taekwondo

Owner, Mr. Joseph Tegler

We enjoy our working relationship with Kicksite and appreciate their quick, professional responses to all of our needs.” – Akula Taekwondo

Akula TKD


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What is Akula Taekwondo?

Akula Taekwondo, home to nearly 130 martial arts students, is located in Novi, Michigan. Akula means shark in Ukrainian–a name chosen to represent founder and head instructor Joseph Tegler’s heritage and love for the sea. Akula Taekwondo teaches traditional martial arts, self-defense, and fitness for kids, teens, and adults. 

Akula’s curriculum focuses on traditional martial arts training philosophies, balanced with modern fitness principles. The school encourages students to become true martial artists through lifestyle changes and long-term commitment. Akula’s training cultivates the five tenets of Taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit.



Tegler was unexpectedly presented with the opportunity to open a martial arts school in 2019. He had just one month to plan, purchase equipment, hire staff, and open the school doors. Tegler also needed a brand new school website and a system for tracking current and prospective students. Based on the tight timeline of the school opening and Tegler’s specific software needs, Kicksite provided the perfect solution. 


Kicksite provides an all-in-one program for student management, including website services and automated billing, for an integrated, comprehensive experience. As a new school, Akula had minimal content to place into the site, so Kicksite quickly provided copy and stock photos to showcase Akula’s offerings. The site was successfully launched soon after Akula’s opening date. Kicksite’s management services allowed Tegler to focus on running his school instead of manually tracking student information and billing. 

As the school began to grow in the following months, Akula added their own photos and copy to their website to best represent the school’s curriculum, values, and philosophy. And while Akula can make many updates on their own, they often rely on Kicksite’s development team to manage technical website issues. Kicksite enabled Akula to run a simple, navigable website and student management system that effortlessly integrates into their business structure.

In fact, Tegler said, Using Kicksite’s all-in-one suite of products is a huge benefit. We never have to wonder whom to call if we have an issue. Kicksite is there for all of our needs. The website services team, in particular, is very responsive and supportive.” 




During the first year of using Kicksite, Akula received 10 leads from web searches. Six months later, this number grew to a staggering 38 leads per month – a huge success for a new school. Akula Taekwondo reached and engaged far more potential students because of their enhanced online presence with Kicksite.

Despite the unpredictable circumstances of 2020 (Akula’s first full year in business), the school grew from 19 students to 99. Today, Akula proudly hosts 129 students and expects continued growth in the coming years. 

Kicksite Benefits:

  • Captures and segments all prospects from website leads and appointments
  • Automates billing and sends invoices directly to students
  • Hosts a video library that showcases student achievements 
  • Tracks student attendance
  • Provides lead capture forms and landing pages
  • Collects client contact information and offers mass communication outlets like email and SMS