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Using the Right Teaching Methods Can Improve Tae Kwon Do Instruction

December 4, 2013

Young students can be heavily influenced by their instructors.

Tae Kwon Do instructors will often have to deal with young children, and their interactions with students can be critical in their ability to master the tenets of martial arts. A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Virginia, Oregon State University and Clemson University showed that using “responsive teaching” methods in which instructors are more sensitive to the needs of their students and form stronger relationships with them can lead to better development of skills.

“The results provide new insight into the ways teachers’ interactions with young children support their growth in a variety of areas,” said Bridget Hamre, associate research professor at the University of Virginia, who led the study. “An exclusive focus on enhancing instruction in preschool classes may fail to have as meaningful an effect as a more balanced approach that also emphasizes responsive interactions.”

Get children involved in a routine

After studying roughly 1,400 preschoolers and 325 early childhood teachers from across the country, creating a clear set of expectations for students proves to be a valuable solution. Young children assume more responsibility for their own learning if they understand what’s being taught. Tae Kwon Do instructors should remember the lessons taught by this study. While each class may include different types of training, students should know what to expect when they arrive at the martial arts school.

For example, warm-up routines at the beginning of class can help students prepare for their lesson without any instruction. Leading to better class organization.

Have a plan for each class

The warm-up routine should be a part of every Tae Kwon Do lesson, but for instructors to be able to engage all of their young students, they must have an idea for how they will carry out class. An excerpt from the book “Teaching Martial Arts” said it’s important for teachers to set goals for each of their lessons. Students will strive to meet these objectives, and instructors will be able to better evaluate the skill level of all of the children in their class. Aiming to be the best teacher possible is important for martial arts instructors.