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The Ultimate Guide to Self Defense in College

June 5, 2018

College is an exciting time bringing hope and expectation, along with new experiences.However, it is also a time when the threat of assault is more prevalent. With this newfound independence also comes a greater responsibility and an imperative need to know how to protect oneself. Learning self defense is extremely important during this stage of life, and is something all current or incoming college students should have an understanding of and background in.

While preparing for college, more and more students have recently shown interest in attending self defense courses in martial arts such as karate, taekwondo, and jiu jitsu (As a matter of fact, the University of Iowa hosts one of the largest BJJ clubs in the country.)

The martial arts provide many real world utilizations, and teach lessons that are necessary to the development of character and confidence. But in addition to this, martial arts classes are extremely effective in educating students on how to defend themselves in real world circumstances. Training in the martial arts provides three key facets of self defense.


1.) Self Awareness

One of the first essential steps in being able to defend oneself is mastering the skill of self awareness. Learning to trust your gut and comprehending how to grasp your surroundings can seriously aid in avoiding many dangerous situations. Training in a martial art like Karate increases awareness, sharpens senses, and leads to a greater level of mental acuity. Being able to monitor student progress can greatly assist in keeping track of one’s growth in these important abilities.


2.) Confidence in Abilities

Another vital aspect in martial arts training is gaining confidence in one’s abilities. Taekwondo is widely known to be very effective in building the confidence of its students. Understanding one’s abilities is important in a nerve-racking situation. Having this confidence can also bring peace of mind in everyday settings, not just in a fearful environment.


3.) Muscle Memory

Finally, one of the most important aspects to self defense is the building of muscle memory. If one is put into a situation where self defense is needed, there is a natural feeling of great fear. It is hard to think clearly under situations with such little time to think. Having training in martial arts develops an automatic reaction that is simply incomparable. Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that requires repeated practice that strengthens the “fighters reflex,” preparing students for real world threats.


The martial arts are such an amazing resource aiding in the ability to execute self defense. Each student’s martial arts tuition is truly worth its weight in gold. It greatly increases expertise in self awareness, confidence of abilities, and muscle memory. By consistently training in martial arts, students gain all of these beneficial skills as they take their first major step into a world of independence.

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