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Students learn perseverance in martial arts

May 12, 2014

Students set goals and learn how to accomplish them in martial arts classes.

Perseverance is an invaluable character trait. It’s the ability to face a challenge and keep pushing forward, one step at a time. Mind Shift reported that individuals with perseverance are able to accomplish long-term goals in the face of adversity. Sports, such as martial arts, allow children to respond to challenges in a positive manner. Instead of seeing an obstacle as a road block, an individual who perseveres sees it an opportunity to grow and learn something new.

Martial arts provides students with the tools to persevere when times get tough. When students set a goal to earn the next belt in martial arts class, they see past the obstacles and push on to achieve the goal. Instructors can facilitate the learning process by showing students how to accomplish goals despite challenges, according to

Students can learn how to persevere by starting small. When students take one step at a time, they can go onto the next rung in the ladder without feeling overwhelmed. It is also important to acknowledge a child’s accomplishments. This will reinforce a student to keep up the hard work.

Martial arts presents students with an array of challenges, so it’s a perfect space to help children develop those crucial life skills.