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Outside the box marketing strategies for martial arts schools

January 25, 2016

Martial arts school marketing doesn't have to be expensive and can be extremely effective using outside the box strategies.

Running a successful martial arts school requires a lot of commitment and dedication on the part of the owner. Simply opening a facility for interested students to come in and train won’t guarantee the success of the business. When it comes to teaching martial arts disciplines such as karate and taekwondo, there is no shortage of competition that exists. One doesn’t have to look far to find a school in his or her area. This is why owners must go above and beyond when it comes to marketing. This ensures that students who sign up see their training through to the end.

However, when it comes to advertising, many schools may not have the budget to spend on elaborate campaigns. The reality is that many training facilities are nothing more than mom-and-pop operations. They rely heavily on word of mouth marketing from those already enrolled in classes. There are benefits that come with this particular advertising method.

The first is that it’s organic, which is always ideal. Customers generally have no problem singing the praises of a company that have had pleasurable experiences with. Martial arts students who feel that they are learning about self defense while also having fun, will tell their friends.

The second is that word of mouth advertising is free. Martial arts school owners with students who are happy with the level of training, likely generate more students. This is great for all owners because students create a form of word of mouth advertising for your school.

Still, as beneficial as these forms of advertising may be, there is no substitute for taking the traditional routes. It’s important for financial investment to spread the word about a martial arts school’s offerings. Thankfully, there are a lot of low-cost methods that will fit inside of any owner’s budget.

Inexpensive martial arts school marketing strategies

A recent white​ paper from Martial Arts Mapper listed a number of advertising tactics that owners can use. Plus, they won’t require a large financial investment. Arguably, the most useful suggestion is leveraging the power of technology to attract new students.

The Internet has become a powerful advertising tool for many organizations. Martial arts schools should consider creating a branded web site that people can visit. In order to make it stand out more, demonstration videos can be used to allow customers to see your school. You can show the gym, what a class looks like and discover the kind of training that they will receive.

Ideally, the website should also include a place where potential students can leave their contact information should they want a representative from the school to reach out to them directly. This can be a great source of leads that can be followed up on that can boost enrollment significantly.

Another low-cost strategy is to offer a free class. On the surface, it may seem counterproductive to allow someone to come in and train without paying for it, but allowing a potential student to have a first-hand experience can be a great selling point. Additionally, if the individual enjoys the teaching methods and feels that it can benefit them, then they will be more inclined to pay for additional classes to continue their training.

These are just two of the many marketing strategies that martial arts school owners can try that will help drive increased awareness and get more students in the door and participating in self-defense classes.

Other helpful marketing suggestions

It should be pointed out that a number of martial arts schools are likely offering free classes and using a website as a promotional tool. Despite the benefits gained from their use, it’s important for owners to also think outside the box and develop strategies that no one else has thought of before.

According to Martial Arts Business Daily, owners should look for ways to completely reshape the image and culture of their school to align with what potential students are looking for. Doing so will set one’s business apart from the competition and make it more attractive. One of the ways this can be done is creating a narrative that lets people know how your school is different from others.

Everyone likes a good story and this particular method can be used to connect with potential students emotionally and get them to take the next step which is enrolling in a self-defense class. Many owners, who are excellent karate and taekwondo instructors, aren’t always strong in the area of business. However following these tips and others can help a school grow and thrive.