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Facebook 101: How to Set Up Remarketing Ads

July 23, 2020

Facebook 101: How to Set Up Remarketing Ads 


Growing your business via social media advertising is a great way for any gym owner to be successful while staying cost-effective at the same time. Targeting new and prospective students with Facebook Ads was the first step. You learned the difference between a cold lead and a warm lead. We also dove into how to set up your Facebook ad account and shared the best practices for your future ad campaigns. 


Now that you’ve used our previous guide to set up your first advertising campaign to target new students, it’s time to learn how to turn those cold leads into conversions. This is where building a remarketing campaign to your audience comes in!  

What is Remarketing?

Utilizing remarketing campaigns to keep your audience engaged in your martial arts studio is an important aspect of Facebook advertising. This tactic is a great way to take those people who’ve engaged with your ads, Facebook page, or website. This will serve them ads again to bring their attention back to your studio. This ultimately serves as a strategy to close the overall loop of your campaign, which is designed to bring cold leads to warm leads. This will then finally turn them into paying gym members. 


These ads “follow” your users and engaged customers around the internet, nudging them in the right direction towards your business. These ads are more targeted and have a clear and concise call to action, often taking users directly to contact pages or free class pages. 


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Another benefit to remarketing ads is that they aren’t impacted by adblockers, which often cripple native ads and their effectiveness to garner new business. 


You should know that 70-96% of users visit a website only to leave without taking action. So you, as a marketer, should take advantage of their shown interest in your brand and convince them to come back by using remarketing.


Custom Audiences 

When organizing your ad strategy, custom audiences are something businesses need to narrow down from the get-go. These audiences are set to relate directly to your business, and relevancy is key when finding those correct people to target. 


Remarketing is similar in the sense that you need to choose which platform to remarket from. This audience can come from website traffic, current customer lists,  page engagement, or a combination of the two. When it comes to audience targeting, sometimes casting a wide net does not necessarily equate to increased results. So, having an exclusive audience to remarket to will benefit your campaign success. You can even target those who visited specific pages on your site to narrow the scope even further. 


Before creating the remarketing ads, you will need to go into the “Audiences” section of Facebook Business Manager and create a new audience. From there,  you would choose the “website” source to remarket to website visitors. To target an email list, you would use “customer list” to import your email list to target. For Remarketing, we most often recommend remarketing to website visitors. 


Utilizing Facebook’s Pixel data will be the main source of this type of targeting. Think of your pixel as a sort of tracking code for your audience. If you want to view the behavior of your website visitors or those who engage on your page, this is the way to do it. 


Before setting up your remarketing ads, you will need to add a Facebook pixel to your website. Setting up your pixel can easily be done with this helpful guide from Facebook. 


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Download Free Copy Of Our Step By Step Facebook Remarketing Ad Guide