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Does your Choice of Boxing Gloves Really Matter?

March 21, 2016

The best way to prove your prowess in the boxing ring is with an excellent pair of boxing gloves. However, not all boxing gloves are created equal! Boxing gloves differ based on their design and intended use. Therefore, yes, the boxing gloves that you choose really do matter. They have one primary purpose, and that is to protect the boxer during practice or a live match. There are an excellent range of glove reviews and guides at MMA Gear Addict and here are what you should consider before your purchase: –

The Training Boxing Gloves

When making a choice for training boxing gloves, you should opt for those with medium foam density. At this stage, you should avoid extremely firm foam or very soft foam. Consider quality, as this will affect the adequate fit and this comes down to your preferred brand. Although they are perfect for training, they also count as a standard glove as they can easily be used in any boxing situation. This is because they offer dual protection, both for the person wearing them, and the partner they are boxing with.

The Professional Boxing Gloves

When you work your way up to having enough skill to play pro, these are the gloves that you will choose. You will have minimum protection with these, as they have less padding than all other gloves, and are a tight fit since they are also small. This is because the intention is to hurt your opponent with every jab. The pair you use will be based on your weight.

The Cardio Boxing Gloves

Sometimes you want boxing gloves to help you keep fit, more than to throw a punch at an opponent. In that case, Cardio Boxing Gloves will do the trick. These are heavily padded, and are open at the palm so you have greater flexibility. The padding is there to help with the impact, as they absorb it with ease. They are not as strong as other gloves, so they must be used with care.

The Heavy Bag Gloves

These are the strongest of all kinds of boxing gloves, and are meant to offer maximum protection to the user. These gloves must be used for one sole purpose, which is bag work. Since they are made from the heavy foam, some users find them quite uncomfortable. Nonetheless, they are built to last which means you can count on their protection for the long term.

The Amateur Boxing Gloves

When purchasing these gloves, the weight of the boxer is the most important factor under consideration. They are heavily padded close to the knuckles, and go through rigorous testing before being sold. The padding on these gloves differs from those on standard gloves as the foam is low density and often made from soft plastic. You can choose them in either blue or red, based on your preferred corner.

With such a wide variety to choose from, ensure that you go into every boxing situation with the right pair of gloves. Check out boxing gloves buying guide for additional information on your selection.