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5 Reasons People Love Martial Arts

August 29, 2016

Martial arts school owner instructs a young student on a punch.

There are so many forms of martial arts, and while some practices are ancient and others are modern, they all have one thing in common: People who participate in them love them. There are a variety of reasons that martial arts practitioners enjoy doing it. Some reasons are obvious, like the focus the martial art teaches, or the self defense that makes people feel safer. Other reasons are a little less obvious, like the camaraderie that comes with the studio they practice in. Here are a few reasons that people are so dedicated to their martial arts:

1. It’s a confidence booster

Martial arts is physically trying, so prolonged practice not only helps you get in shape, but the longer you do it, the better you get at it. Both of these aspects of martial arts make it easy for the sport to help boost your confidence. This is true of any variety of martial arts. Whether a student begins as a child or later in life, there’s no doubt that learning a new skill and growing it with the support of your instructor can do wonders for self esteem.

2. You learn self defense

Hopefully, you won’t need to use your martial arts skills as self defense, but it’s always good to have those skills in case a situation arises. While a child definitely shouldn’t take the skills he or she learns in martial arts classes to the playground, an adult who finds him or herself in a dangerous situation, like a street robbery or home break-in, will be happy to have learned the techniques necessary to stay safe without needing a dangerous weapon.

3. It’s a productive way to release energy

While people don’t necessarily feel the need to get into fights, many have pent up stress that they would rather not release in an altercation with another person. Exercise is a great way to let out any anger or aggression in a productive way. Have you ever gone into a kickboxing class or on a run in a bad mood, and finished as if you were walking on air? Sometimes all you need is a little bit of physical activity to get that negative energy out.

4. It increases focus

The physical aspect of martial arts is merely a small part of the overall practice. According to Crow Martial Arts, participating in martial arts can sharpen your mind, allowing you to focus and learn easier. The stress relieving aspect of martial arts is also a key factor in enhancing focus. For example, how well do you work when other thoughts are racing through your mind? Martial arts helps you tune out those other thoughts and solely zero in on the practice at hand. Once you learn to do that in your martial arts classes, you can incorporate that mental strength into other aspects of your life.

5. The social aspect

There are few places more supportive than your local martial arts studio. Not only will you get to know every member of your class, as well as your instructors, but these people will also support and encourage you throughout your martial arts journey. Unlike in gyms or fitness studios, socializing is a big part of the atmosphere in a martial arts studio, so you’re very likely to become friends with the people you practice with. If you’ve recently moved to a new city, consider joining a martial arts studio for some much needed camaraderie.

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