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4 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

September 30, 2013

Choosing the right domain name can help martial arts schools be found online.

Domain names are a critical part of a strong online presence for new martial arts schools and those looking to adjust their image. However, Internet marketing is no longer new, and owners may find that the best domain names have already been scooped up. Choosing the right domain name is important to improve how potential students find the site and crucial for search engine results.

When most people think of the website, they will associate it with its domain name, which is why it’s critical to choose something unique and easy to remember. New martial arts schools or owners who want to switch domains should consider the following tips:


1. Keep it simple

For people to pass a domain along to friends and family members, the name has to be easy to pronounce and spell, according to an infographic from WhoIsHostingThis. If someone hears the domain name, the spelling should be obvious. Word-of-mouth referrals and search engine rankings will be higher with a simple domain. Plus, short domain names are easier to fit on business cards and other offline marketing materials.


2. Consider top keywords for domain name

If a domain name has a keyword people would typically use when searching for a school, the link will appear higher in the search engine results, a study from Sibername found. When possible, keywords should appear as one word without any hyphens. Hyphenated domain names can signal spam to search engines, and it makes it difficult to gain links.


3. Think about the extension

When available, martial arts schools should choose a top level domain .com because most prospective students will assume this is the extension, said WhoIsHostingThis. Extensions such as .org and .net have never captured the same performance levels as .com, but if school owners are unsure, they can purchase several extensions as long as they all direct back to the same site.


4. Domain should reflect brand

Domain names can be used as a marketing tool. This will improve word-of-mouth marketing efforts, and branded domains improve credibility in gaining links. Consumers are more likely to trust branded websites, and martial arts schools can benefit from the improved search results.

Since many domains are already taken, martial arts schools may need to be creative in the name they select. However, an effective domain is essential for potential students finding the school online.