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How Do I Fix Common Billing Errors?


Kicksite recommends signing up to do a live billing training, where some or all of the follow concerns can be addressed.

If you have been able to successfully process transactions, and you encounter a problem entering a student’s card or processing a transaction, here are a few troubleshooting tips:

  • If you get a pop up stating “the vault can’t be stored,” it likely is a restriction the bank set on the card. Have the customer call their bank and ask to have the restriction on storing the card information removed.  After the bank has been notified, you (or the customer, if they were sent a Vault Invite) can re-enter the card information.
  • If you get a pop up (in either the vault or transaction section) stating “storable/billing item can’t be blank (name field),” be sure to use the Kicksite search results rather than the browser’s autofill feature to select a name. You may need to try opening an incognito tab in your browser, or you may need to disable your autofill in your browser.
  • If a card is declined, check to make sure everything has been entered correctly. (It’s very easy to transpose a number when entering the Vault Item, for example.) If you’ve double-checked the card information and everything is correct, the customer may need to resolve the issue with their bank.