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Take the complication out of payment collection.

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With Kicksite Member Management Software, we make sure you spend time doing what you love most; teaching your students and creating positive relationships.

When it comes to tuition collection for your gym or school, we know it can feel like a chore and can start to negatively affect the positive relationships you’ve worked so hard on establishing. The last thing you want to do is spend time hunting down parents for payment and updating expired credit cards in your software system. You’re drowning in past-due bills and feel like you can never get ahead.

To solve these common issues, our Kicksite team developed a custom billing system for studios that easily integrates with your school and tuition collection preferences. Our tuition collection system is simple, uncomplicated, and has given studio owners their time back to focus on growing the business and doing what they love most; teaching students and creating positive relationships.

You’ve worked hard building up your martial arts studio, why spend all your time chasing the money you’ve earned?

Benefits of Using Kicksite Tuition Collection:

  • No more need to chase down payments each month
  • Retain positive relationships with students and parents
  • Eliminate past-due follow up calls or late fees
  • Increase cash flow
  • Store information securely

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Track when payments are due from your students and when payments are received with ease! The setup is quick and easy to monitor.

Recurring Invoices

Set invoices to automatically generate according to payment schedule. 


Easily select inventory items from your studio to add to the invoice and calculate the total.

Preferred Merchant Provider

Establish a merchant account with our preferred provider to experience added benefits in your Kicksite system.

We provide credit card processing at competitive processing rates through our preferred merchant provider, Basys. Over 50% of our martial arts studio customers have chosen to use our preferred merchant provider because of the low processing fees and ease of use. Solupay has helped our customers save thousands in credit card processing fees over the years. Because they are a privately held company, our merchant provider is able to be aggressive on pricing and never raises their profit margin for any customer. With a 97% retention rate, we highly recommend them!

Learn more about our preferred merchant provider, Basys.


Receive daily transaction summaries as a recap of the amount and status of each transaction.


Allow students to pay event fees online through their email invitation.

Recurring Billing

Set the amount and frequency to automatically draft for tuition payments. No more need to chase down checks or cash payment from your students each month.


Process one-time payments for both students and guests.

Vault Items

Safely store both ACH and credit card information for each student.

Our innovative martial arts tuition collection system is fully compliant with FDCPA guidelines.


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