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Automate your emails, texts and alerts to save you time.

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Communication is critical to your school’s operations. Simplifying your daily tasks with Kicksite’s communication tools will give you more time on the mats and less time on your computer. Our innovative communication tools require very little time and effort to keep your students connected and your prospects engaged. From automated messages, communicating to targeted audiences and marketing message flows, we have the tools you are looking for.


Automated Messages

Proactively communicate using automated emails and texts for more than 10 scenarios where communication is vital to improving student retention and converting more prospects to students. Instead of manually reaching out to a student with a past due payment or following up with a prospect about their interest in your studio, let our automated messages do that work for you.

Automated Text Messaging


Here’s just a few of the types of automation templates:

  • Upcoming event reminder
  • Past due payments
  • Birthdays
  • Absent class alerts
  • Expiring trial memberships


Kicksite's communication automated text




Message flows in Kicksite communication

Marketing Message Flows

Create series of automated follow up emails and texts to efficiently communicate to prospects that fill out a form on your website or sign up for a free trial class. This tool allows you to customize each individual follow up and the frequency of reaching out to them. Think of this as your personal assistant automatically reaching out and following up with prospects that are interested in your programs.




General Announcements

Now it’s easier than ever to communicate to specific individuals or groups with general announcements. This tool allows you to send email and texts to a mass audience. If you need to send out a monthly newsletter to your students or you need to send out a quick announcement that class will be cancelled. Don’t worry about trying to remember everyone’s email, this tool has you covered.

General Announcement in Kicksite Communication


Targeted Audiences

Send out specific emails and texts to individual programs, groups, even belt ranks. This allows you to easily mass communicate with particular audiences you need to connect with and excluding anyone that you do not wish to include.

Targeted Audience in Communication

Target audiences include:

  • All active, inactive or frozen students
  • All prospects
  • Employees or instructors
  • Programs and belt ranks
  • Membership types
  • Customized groups




Kicksite communication reports

Transparency and Reporting

View analytics including open rates and delivery statuses for each announcement and student email address. Increase engagement rates by analyzing which marketing emails get higher open rates than others. This will help you optimize your marketing communications and convert more prospects to members.


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