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Features / BizBuilders

Capture & nurture leads directly from your website using BizBuilder.

Kicksite is more than just software. We are an approach to business; a clear approach that minimizes headaches and maximizes profitability. Using our BizBuilder feature helps capture and nurture leads. 

With Kicksite, maximizing profitability can start with capturing new leads directly from your website. No need to chase prospective students, make cold calls, or waste precious time trying to grow your gym. BizBuilder helps streamline your leads to your Kicksite account automatically. 

Kicksite BizBuilder Feature:

Custom Code

Capturing leads through your website with the Kicksite martial arts management system is simple and straightforward. With our BizBuilder feature, you have the ability to add a form straight to your website that collects important information you need about a prospective student including their name, email, phone, and what trial membership they are interested in.


Once the lead puts in their information in your custom coded form, the lead is then sent a confirmation message, automated follow up email, and goes directly into your Kicksite management system. No need to manually enter in leads like many of our competitors! Kicksite integrates easily with any 3rd party lead generating tool, making things easier on you for managing prospective students for your taekwondo studio or mixed martial arts gym.


If you’d like to take lead capturing to the next level, you have the ability to create segmented forms.

With lead segmentation, you can separate leads that come in from:

  • camps
  • programs
  • upcoming events
  • free trial
  • or any other segmentation .

Then, create an email message flow that sends a custom series of automated messages to those prospects by way of email or text message.


Many parents of prospective students won’t be prepared to join the moment they fill out the form, so it’s important to build a relationship with them and provide them with the right content through these emails or text messages. By utilizing Kicksite’s lead management feature, you have that ability to create a personalized, relevant message to help them reach their decision to join your gym. Similarly, martial arts instructors or MMA gym owners that use Kicksite especially love the feature in BizBuilder where they get an alert to their email each time a new lead comes in. This helps business owners and instructors with following up so they can choose to call immediately or check in later.

BizBuilder Landing Pages

An additional lead feature that Kicksite provides is BizBuilders. BizBuilders are where prospects and potential leads can actually purchase their membership to your MMA gym or martial arts studio online through your website, social media, or email campaigns. The feature includes the form, confirmation page, and automated follow-up email. The BizBuilder feature provides a unique landing page that you can add to your website. The landing page can include a unique liability waiver and ability to collect their credit card information or generate an invoice. In other words, all of this can be done before the person walks in the door. It’s that simple!

Lead management doesn’t have to be a headache with BizBuilder.

With Kicksite, you have the tools and features you need that are specifically made for taekwondo, mixed martial arts, and other traditional martial arts disciplines. Through the implementation of Biz-Builders, we promise you will see improvement in your business efficiency and focus. Kicksite is all about saving you time and improving your quality of life. In conclusion, we exist to ensure your school not only survives, but thrives.

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