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Martial arts instructors must continue to change up their classes.

3 Instructor Tips for Better Martial Arts Classes

For many children, learning martial arts is about the experience as much as it is acquiring advanced self-defense skills.

Engage younger students with Twitter.

Using Twitter to Cast a Wide Net for Your Martial Arts School

Do you want to be able to connect with a younger audience to get them to learn about some of the classes at your martial arts school?

Martial arts classes are a great way to get children to be active.

Get Children Off Their Phones and Into Martial Arts Classes

During the holidays, many children receive computers, tablets and smartphones as gifts that they can use to access the Internet, where they can find all sorts of information.

Engage your younger audience with Instagram videos.

Instagram and Vine videos can be a marketing powerhouse

The key to any successful lead generation initiative is reaching intended targets on the platform of their choice.

Give every student the best experience possible.

Roll out the red carpet for each student

Your marketing messages were effective and got attendance up at your martial arts school. You have a bunch of new students, as well as several children who have already begun their martial arts training.

Get your young children in martial arts classes.

Benefits of Young Children Getting Involved in Martial Arts

Parents who want to do themselves a favor should do their best to keep their children active and healthy.

Martial arts training could give kids the extra physical exercise they need.

Schools are not giving children enough physical education

While parents send their children to school to get a well-rounded education, many are concerned about the level of physical activity that kids get throughout the average week.

Reach out to students with a nice birthday greeting.

How to Connect with Martial Arts Students On Their Birthdays

Martial arts school owners share a different relationship with their customers than leaders of other businesses.

More exercise leads to better brain function for older adults.

Exercise improves blood flow to the brains of older adults

You’re never too old to start learning Tae Kwon Do.

Young students can be heavily influenced by their instructors.

Using the Right Teaching Methods Can Improve Tae Kwon Do Instruction

Tae Kwon Do instructors will often have to deal with young children, and their interactions with students can be critical in their ability to master the tenets of martial arts.

Get students ready for the octagon by being a strong communicator.

3 Ways To Better Teacher-Student Communication

While there are many skilled Mixed Martial Arts experts out there, the notion that any of them can teach is simply false.

Show appreciation to even the youngest customers.

Why Martial Arts School Owners Should Show Students Appreciation

Owners of martial arts schools should realize that they wouldn’t be in business without their students and supporters.