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How Martial Arts Lessens Technology Fatigue

October 17, 2013

Martial arts training helps people disconnect from technology.

Martial arts has a number of benefits for students of all ages. While adults may think they need to be involved in karate or tae kwon do from a young age to experience the full value of this training, this is not the case.

Many adults spend much of their days plugged in with their laptops, tablets and smartphones, and it can be difficult to disconnect. With many companies maintaining “bring your own device” policies, some employees check work emails around the clock, and it can be difficult to shut off and relax. For some people, it is a matter of needing another outlet besides work, according to an article in The Age.

Between emails, text messages and mobile games, technology can be very time consuming. When adults spend too much time with their mobile devices, it’s easy to feel burned out at work and distracted. In fact, compulsively checking smartphones can cause people to feel fatigued from technology, and this leads to unnecessary stress, the┬áSan Jose Mercury News stated. In fact, constant access to technology can lead to poor work-life balance for many people since they always feel connected to their work responsibilities.

Although little clinical research has been done on the impacts of technology on anxiety, older adults seem to be more at risk than younger people who have grown up with social media and cell phones. The Age suggested one way people can combat technology fatigue and distraction is through martial arts training.


Martial arts teaches discipline and helps people disconnect

One of the most lauded benefits of martial arts is discipline. In some cases, lessening the pull of technology is as simple as learning self-restraint. Many people check their smartphones every few minutes because they think they feel the device vibrate, but martial arts will provide a time when adults are removed from their phones and tablets. This can help people gain clarity and focus instead of being overwhelmed by technology.

In addition to discipline and self-restraint, martial arts can help students learn meditation techniques. Meditation allows people to relax and clear their minds away from the distractions of email, social media and text messages. Martial arts has benefits for people of all ages, and adults are certainly not exempt. The self-discipline acquired through this training helps people disconnect from technology.