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Generation Y Appreciates Martial Arts

April 18, 2014

Individuals in Generation Y  enjoy martial arts for several reasons.

Born between the ’80s to the early ’90s, the millennial demographic is flocking to martial arts. Generation Y reported that these individuals are ambitious; they see no limits. Martial arts aligns with this go-getter attitude. According to Elite Daily, it trains students how to break down big goals into small achievements. As a result, people learn how to set and reach goals.


Millennials crave constant feedback. In the workforce, they value a mentor who can guide them in their careers. Likewise, martial arts instructors play this role by providing students with constructive criticism and gratification.


Elite Daily indicated that acquiring martial arts skills make people feel more powerful. Resulting in a higher appreciation of self-worth. In short, characteristics like these make for an understanding leader for future endeavors.