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Eliminate Distractions and Win!

October 15, 2015

Whether in football or martial arts, the winning formula is the same. Read how school owner, George Snodgrass, used the Oregon Duck football program as a model for success in his own business.

Whether On The Gridiron Or The Mat, Eliminate Distractions And WIN!

Inspiration comes in the most unexpected places. For George Snodgrass, owner of a martial arts school, it emerged in his hometown of Eugene, Oregon. Snodgrass grew up rooting for the Ducks, the University of Oregon’s football team. Throughout his time as a devoted Ducks fan, he started to notice a shift in the team’s approach and their results on game day.

Prior to the 2000 season, Oregon had only won a single PAC 12 conference championship in nearly 50 years, but then things changed. Over the past 14 years Oregon has become one of the most successful programs in college football. The Ducks have amassed more NCAA wins over the past 10 years than any other college football team aside from Alabama. In that span they have won five PAC 12 titles and are consistently competing for a national championship. George loved to see his team win and wondered if he could replicate some of their successful methods in his own martial arts business.

Fortunately for George, he had a valuable resource in his own school with one of his own students. Jeff Hawkins is a senior associate athletic director for football operations at the University of Oregon and a key contributor to the more recent success of the football program. George took the opportunity to study visit Oregon’s facility and speak with Jeff about the team’s winning ways. Jeff ’s advice to George was simple: eliminate distractions and increase efficiency

Daily distractions limit time with students

Snodgrass was moved by the team’s methodical operations and believed this streamlined philosophy could improve his martial arts business and contribute to his students’ success. Without an
orderly approach to running his business, he often felt inundated with daily business tasks, robbing him of time to focus on what mattered most to him: his students.

From monitoring students’ attendance records, tracking their belt levels, collecting tuition funds, keeping in touch with students outside of class, managing students and parents’ contact information and acquiring new students, Snodgrass had his hands full. With all of his responsibilities, it was hard for him to focus on supporting his students’ efforts. He needed time to develop a solid curriculum, lead his students in punching and kicking drills, address their concerns and ensure they advanced to the next belt level.

Martial arts school management software streamlines school processes

However, when Snodgrass started using Kicksite as a martial arts school management program, everything changed. “When I go into my school I feel less stressed,” Snodgrass said. “I can deal with my students a little more. I am a little more present.”

Part of why Snodgrass can be there more for his students is because he doesn’t waste time tracking attendance anymore. Instead, students can check in using an attendance screen and see their attendance records without asking him for assistance. He specifically enjoys Kicksite’s “Attendance Award” system, which acknowledges students via email for prioritizing attendance.

“Their faces light up and they say ‘I got an email, I got an email, saying I got a gold medal for my attendance!’” he said.

Aside from the attendance feature, Kicksite also helped Snodgrass track students’ testing and belt levels, enhance communications with students and their parents, and keep students up to date with videos and documents whenever they missed a day. He now has more time on his hands to give all of his energy and attention to ensuring his students flourish.
“I feel cleaner in my life because I just have to work on my curriculum,” said Snodgrass. “I am managing bigger blocks as opposed to scattered blocks.”

Finding more time to support students’ endeavors

Snodgrass used the Oregon Ducks’ approach to football as a replica for his martial arts school curriculum. Just as minimal distractions help a football coach devote more time to perfecting the playbook, Snodgrass now has more time to make sure his own playbook – the curriculum – guides students toward their next belt promotions.

When coaches and instructors avoid distractions, they can spend more time and energy on the fundamentals. While material arts students practice punching and kicking, Oregon football players do drills involving blocking and tackles. The details are different, but the goals are the same: to succeed in their endeavors, either on the mat or on the football field.

Whether it’s testing day for martial arts students or game day for Oregon football players, both sports require streamlined operations and an available, passionate coach or instructor. Kicksite helped Snodgrass meet Oregon’s efficiency standards. Essentially, he was able to replicate the University of Oregon football team’s efficient approach.

Both George Snodgrass and the University of Oregon Football team are heading into their seasons with the best chance of continued success with fewer distractions, more focus and a clearer vision for the future.