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0-50 students


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51-100 students


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51-100 students


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100+ students


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100+ students


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All packages include:

Free data migration

Free unlimited 1-on-1 training

Live support

Account set up customization

Integrated Payment Processing with BASYS

Kicksite billing services through BASYS are transparent, simple and easily integrated with your Kicksite gym management software. This means transactions can be processed anywhere, students can securely store their payment information, and setting up recurring monthly billing is effortless.

Founded in 2002, BASYS Processing is family-owned, customer-oriented, and a neighbor of ours located right here in the Kansas City metro. With competitive payment processing rates and an A+ BBB rating, you can count on BASYS to provide the same level of care and support that we take pride in here at Kicksite.

2.9% + $0.25/trans. + $29 monthly

Fully Integrated

Data Secure (PCI compliant)

Next-Day Transfers

Contact Sales for a rate comparison.

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“Our business has seen direct sales from switching to Kicksite. The tech support is amazing. They are so patient with even the most tech challenged folks like me. I rave about them to everyone I know. I’ve cancelled “marketing” companies who have charged several times the cost of the Kicksite/BizBuilder combo, because the results I’m getting here are so superior. Rare company who delivers more than they promise!”

World Jiu Jitsu Academy

“Kicksite ROCKS! I’ve been open for business for 10 years. Since joining the Kicksite team, less than a year ago my enrollment has not doubled… but it has tripled. More people have found me and contacted me than ever before. What I love best, is that it’s all in one. No need to waste hundreds of dollars every month on fraudulent well known review services, Kicksite does it all for you! I’d hands down refer and recommend Kicksite to anyone that has a gym or training studio.”


Glasgow Wrestling Academy

Frequently Asked Questions


We’ve got a bunch! Some of Kicksite gym management software features include: Attendance Tracking, Communications, Tuition Collection, Student Portal, Rank Promotion, Media Library, BizBuilders, Prospecting, and Events.

Nope! All software features (tools) are included and at no additional charge including free email and text messaging through our Communications tool. You’ll even have a dedicated success specialist to train you on the system!


If you like your current merchant provider, you can stay with them, though it won’t fully integrate with our system. Meaning, you can record payments and create invoices for your records, but processing transactions are a no go.

Kicksite has merchant providers for our national and international schools with competitive rates. If you’re interested in more information, you can explore further during your demo with one of our sales reps.

Yes they do! However, if you are an international customer, our merchant provider only processes credit cards.

Tech Info

Yes we can. We can import student/prospect contact information, program and ranks, and membership information. Due to Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, we cannot import student/prospect card information. To see a list of what we can import, click here.

Keeping your data safe is our highest priority. We user third party tools such as brakeman within our Continuous Integration (CI) process to make sure SQL injection is not possible. We also SSL certificates backed by Heroku as well as any protections Heroku provides in order to keep you and your information safe.

Kicksite does not have an open API. We do, however, have integrations with select companies. To date, integration is solely for our national and international merchant providers, but we are exploring integration options with other well-known software.

Kicksite supports a lot of devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. If you have an older device, we cannot guarantee Kicksite will work without issue, due to the device no longer receiving manufacturer updates. To see if it makes our list of supported devices, click here.


Once you become a part of our family, you can call, email, and chat with our support team. We also have a success team to provide unlimited trainings to you and your staff to help you get the best results using Kicksite.

Yes, we do! Our websites integrate with Kicksite because they’re powered by Kicksite. Not only do we create and manage your site, we also promote and enhance your online presence. And just as you have a dedicated support team for your Kicksite, so will you for your website. To learn more, see here.