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How to Access Vault Invites

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Vault Invites make it easy for parents and/or students to store card information, especially if they don’t feel comfortable giving it in person. Kicksite’s Vault Invites feature allows you to send them a link that allows them to put a card on file.

Click the following link to watch the video about how to send a Vault Invite.


First Steps

First, you need to request billing before you can send Vault Item invitations.


To access Vault Invites:

1. From within Kicksite, click Billing.

2. Hover over the Vault menu tab and click Vault Invites. (Alternatively, click Quick Links in the left sidebar, and then click Vault Invites.)

​3. From this page, you can send vault invites, see who has set up a vault item, and who is ineligible for a vault invite.

  • Vault Registered – Students/Families that have been sent an invite and have registered a vault item via the link.
  • Vault Pending – Students/Families that have been sent an invite but have not registered a vault item.
  • Eligible for Vault Invite – Students/Families that have not yet been sent an invite but have a valid email address.
  • Ineligible for Vault Invite – Students/Families that do not have a valid email address in the system.


To send Vault Invites:

1. Go to the Vault Invites page (as detailed above).

2. Select the Eligible for Vault Invites section.

3. Select the Students or Families you would like to send invites to.

Send individual requests by checking the box next to the student’s name.

Send mass invites by clicking Check All.

4. (Optional) you can write a personal message to be included in the Vault Invite email.

5. Click the Send Invitations button.


What’s Next?

​After you have collected or entered students’ payment information, you can set up recurring billing.