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How to Update a Recurring Billing


This article covers the new, uplifted finances, which is currently only available to select customers.


You can made a few adjustments to an active recurring billing, such as to change the Payment Method attached. (Click the following links if you need to refund a payment or credit a future invoice for a recurring billing.)

Keep in mind that in the classic billing, you could adjust the next payment date. In the new finances uplift, you can’t adjust the next payment date. This change ensures that you have accurate records of payments and credits for all recurring billings. If you need to change the next payment date in new finances, you will need to inactivate the current recurring billing and create a new recurring billing to start on the new billing date.

If you need to stop a recurring billing, you inactivate it. Note that in classic billing, you could delete recurring billings; in new finances, you can’t delete an invoice or recurring billing to preserve all payment history.


How to update a recurring billing

1. Find the recurring billing that you need to edit; you can find it in two places:

  • Click the Finances icon in the left panel, and then click the Recurring Billings tab. You can sort by the Next Charge or Name column to more easily find the recurring billing that needs changed.
  • Go to the student’s profile by typing their name in the Search field, and click the correct result. In the Finances module, click the Recurring Billing tab.

2. On the Finances page or on the student’s profile, click the link in the Title column to open the recurring billing’s details.┬áThe title of the recurring billing will be the payment reason and the student’s name; for example, Membership for Student Name.

3. Update the recurring billing as needed:

  • To inactivate the recurring billing (stopping payments), click the Active drop-down list and select Inactive.
  • To archive the recurring billing, first make sure the recurring billing is Inactive. Then click the Archive icon in the upper-right corner.
  • To turn autopay on or off, click the Turn On Autopay or Turn Off Autopay link below the details. If the recurring billing did NOT have autopay on when it was created, you will see the Set Up Autopay window; select the correct payment method and then click the Confirm Autopay button. (Note: If you do not process billing with Kicksite, you will not have this option.)
  • To change the card charged, click the Switch Payment Method button. Click the desired payment method; if you need to add a new card, click the +Add New Card button and enter the card information; click the Switch button. (Note: If you do not process billing with Kicksite, you will not have this option.)
  • To add a comment, click the Add Comment+ link, type the comment, and click the Save button.
  • To pay one or more future payments ahead of the due dates, click the Pre-Generate Next Invoice+ link. To pay all the pre-generated invoices, click the Pay Open Balance button. If you want to make a partial payment, you can edit the amount the Payment Amount field. Click the Choose Payment button; select the payment method from the drop-down list and click the desired payment method. Click the Pay Now button.