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To Do Settings

April 16, 2019

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Utilizing the To Dos settings allows you to enable employees to receive daily emails any time they have a task or an appointment.

Note: You can also use the To Dos Settings page if you have employees that you would like to allow to assign Tasks and Appointments to other employees.


Click below to watch the video or scroll down for instructions.

Using the To Dos settings page:

1. From within Kicksite, hover over the To Dos menu and click on Settings.

2. (Recommended) Select the checkbox for Let Employees Manage Their Own Daily Email Settings.

3. Select or deselect the checkboxes for each employee in the table:

    • The first column is a list of all employees with the admin at the top.
    • Select the checkbox in the second and third columns if you want a specific employee to receive emails for their daily tasks and appointments.
    • Select the checkbox in the far-right column to choose which employees can assign tasks and appointments to others.

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