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Tip: How to Use a Card Scanner for Attendance Check In


PLEASE NOTE that Kicksite can’t support or help you troubleshoot problems using your card scanner device.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE that this article was written to the best of the Kicksite Knowledge Base team’s knowledge. However, Kicksite does not have card scanners for testing, so the steps in this article may or may not work with your particular card scanner.

With those notes in mind, the team has confirmed with school owners that they are able to use card scanners for students to check in.

To enable a student to use a card to check in with a scanner:

1. Set up your card scanner. Make sure it’s turned on, connected, and working properly.

2. Print the card for the student using your scanner’s software.

*Refer to your card scanner’s documentation or help files for Steps 1 and 2.

3. In Kicksite, go to the student’s profile. (You can start typing the student’s name in the Search field, or click their name in the Student List.)

4. Edit the ID/PIN number:

  • In the Classic profile view, click the Edit Student link. Delete the number in the ID field, and then scan the student’s card. A long number should appear in the ID field. Click the Update Student button.
  • In the new Beta view, hover over the PIN number and click when you see the pencil (edit) icon. Delete the number, and then scan the student’s card. A long number should appear in the PIN field. Press Enter/Return to save the new PIN number.

The student should now be able to scan their card instead of typing in their ID number on the Student Check In screen. Here’s how to use the Student Check In screen and how to create a shortcut to the Student Check In screen in Chrome.


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