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Tip: How to Remove Unpaid, Inactive Recurring Billings


You can clear inactive, unpaid recurring billings by changing the total payments required to the number of payments already made. (Note: Do not delete a recurring billing because this will remove all history of payments made.)


To clear an inactive and unpaid recurring billing:

1. In the left panel, click Quick Links and then click Recurring Billings List (under the Billing/Finance heading).

2. Find the recurring billing in the list. If needed, you can click Search at the top right part of the list to help narrow down the list. Look in the Payments column and remember how many payments have been made (for example, 2/12 or 8).

3. Click the Edit link on the line for the desired recurring billing.

4. In the For a Total of __ Payments field, enter the number of payments already made.

For example, if you have a recurring billing that has made 8 successful payments, enter the number 8. (Don’t leave the field blank, because this indicates that the recurring payment is ongoing.)

5. Click the Update Recurring Billing button.

6. On the Recurring Billing for (Student Name) page, click the Activate link. (First, you may need to return to the Recurring Billings List page and then click the View link for the desired recurring billing. Alternatively, you can navigate to the student’s profile page, click the Finance tab, click Recurring Billings, and then click the desired recurring billing.)

Clicking the Activate link tells the Billing Dashboard to remove that inactive, unpaid recurring billing.

7. Click Mark as Paid in the upper-right corner.

8. Click the Yes button on the first pop-up. Select the Do Not Create Payment Record option on the second pop-up, and then click the Continue button.

You don’t want to record an actual payment because you are telling the system the recurring billing is complete. You can then inactivate the recurring billing again at this point, but the recurring billing should appear as complete either way.



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