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How to Promote Ranks by Program


You can promote one or many students to their next belt rank using the Promotions page. (Note: If you recently had a belt testing event, see the article on promoting students from the Events page.)


To promote multiple students at one time:

1. Click Quick Links in the left panel, click Students, and then click Promotions. (You can also start typing “promotions” to find the correct page.)

2. Click the New Promotions link.

3. Click the program name link.

4. (Optional) Make sure the Promotion Date is correct; to change it, click the calendar icon and then click the date the promotion took place.

5. (Optional) If desired, add a judge by typing the judge’s Name, Instructor ID, and Rank in the provided fields. If needed, click the Add Another link to add more judges. The list of students in that program shows the students’ Current Rank and the Next Rank (their new rank).

6. Click the check box next to the student’s name to select that student for promotion. (If you need to promote most or all of the students in the program, click the Select All link to check all the check boxes. You can then click the checked boxes to deselect any students who will not be promoted.)

7. Scroll down and click the Promote Students button. The new promotions appear on the Promotions page.


To promote one or multiple students by program:

1. Click Quick Links in the left panel, click Students, and then click Promotions. The Promotions page shows past promotions.

2. Click the Eligible to Test link.

3. Click the name of the program that has the student(s) you wish to promote.

4. Click the Promote link beside each student that received a promotion.