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Payments Dashboard

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The Payments Dashboard shows a history of payments that occurred for transactions both through the Kicksite system or payments made outside the Kicksite system (such as cash or check).

Click the following link to watch the video about the Payments Dashboard.


First Steps

You can use the Payments Dashboard if you do not have billing through Kicksite. However, if you want to process payments within Kicksite, you need to request billing.


To view the Payments Dashboard:

  1. From within Kicksite, hover over the Finance menu and then click Payments. (Alternatively, click Quick Links in the left sidebar, and then click Payments.)

2. To view the payment in the student’s profile, click on the student’s name.

Note: Any voided payments appear in red and in parentheses to make them easy to see.

If the payment came from an invoice, the invoice number and payment method will show under Payment Reason as a blue link.

3. You can click on this link to take you to the invoice to see it.

The Payments dashboard can also be exported to Excel. This option is on the bottom-left side of the screen.

4. To edit a payment, click the Edit link on the far right of the row.

5. Make sure to click the Update Payment button to save your new changes.

To record a payment:

1. Click the Record a Payment link in the top right.

    • Recording a payment means that the student paid for this invoice and did not use the Kicksite billing system.
    • Recording a payment helps you keep a history of payments that occurred.

2. Enter the person’s name in the Student, Family, or Prospect Name box.

3. Enter the following information about the payment:

    • Date
    • Payment Reason
    • Payment Method
    • Amount

4. Make sure to click the Add Payment button to save your new payment.

You can also search for specific payments by clicking the Search Payments link on the top-right of the Payments Dashboard.

    • This brings up filters to be used to search for the payments that you want.
    • You can fill out one or all of these boxes; filling in more than one box will narrow search results.

After you have decided on what to filter for, click the Search button and your results will show on the screen.


What’s Next?

​If you haven’t already, send your students (and their parents) a Vault Item invitation and set up recurring billing.