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How to Access the Invoice Dashboard


The Invoice Dashboard keeps you up to date and in control of all the invoices that you and your staff have created within Kicksite.

Click the following link to watch the video on the Invoice Dashboard.


First Steps

If you haven’t already, set up your Inventory items and create invoices to charge students.


To reach the Invoice Dashboard:

From the left panel, click Finances and then Invoices.

At the top right, you have links to view Recurring Invoices, create a New Invoice, or Filter Invoices. Click the Export All link to export a list of your invoices.

​The Invoice Dashboard has four different sections to help you manage your finances:

    • Undelivered Invoices: Shows invoice(s) that contain a physical item that hasn’t been delivered to the student. If you forgot to select the Does This Invoice Contain Physical Items check box at the bottom of your invoice, you can click Mark Delivered in the Undelivered Invoices section. (This subtracts the number of physical inventory items you have and helps you keep track of your stock.) To view more Undelivered Invoices, click the Show More link.
    • Past Due Invoices: Shows invoices that has not been paid by the designated due date. In the Past Due Invoices section, you can see the Invoice Date, the invoice ID (which you can click to go to the invoice), the Count (if this is a recurring invoice, the number of days past due), the Person Name, the Amount Due, and a list of actions you can take on this invoice. If needed, you can also delete a past due invoice from this section. To view more Past Due invoices, click the Show More link.
    • Open Invoices: Shows invoices that have been generated, but not yet paid. This section enables you to see which student has an active invoice, the amount that they owe, and how many days before payment is due, along with a list of actions you can take on the invoice. To view more Open Invoices, click the Show More link.
    • Closed Invoices: Invoices that have been paid. The Closed Invoices section will show 10 of the most recent closed (paid) invoices. To view more Closed Invoices, click the Show More link.

Action icons glossary:

Action icons appear in the Past Due Invoices and Open Invoices sections to assist you in managing an invoice.

Icon Description
 Process a Transaction – Run an immediate transaction by entering or swiping a credit card or by using a vault item. (Only available to Kicksite billing clients.)
 Record a Payment – Mark a payment that was processed outside of the system (such as cash, check,  Venmo, or PayPal).
 Email Invoice – Email the student a copy of the invoice.
 Invoice is Emailed – A copy of the invoice has already been emailed to the student.


What’s Next?

If you haven’t already, you may want to review the Invoice Details page. If you want to start processing payments directly with Kicksite, you can request billing to get started.