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How to Invite Students to a User Account

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Each student can have their own user account and view their information, such as attendance and memberships. Students can also watch videos (as long as they are the appropriate program and rank) in the Video Library if they have a student user account.

Note: The student MUST have a valid email entered in their profile to receive a student user account invitation.

Click the following link to watch the video on inviting students to a user account.


To send a new student to a user account invitation:

When you create a new student, Kicksite asks if you want to invite the student to register for a user account. Click OK to automatically invite the new student to set up their student user account.

  • An email invite will be sent for the student with a link inside to set up their user account.
  • The student (or student’s guardian) will then create a username and password to log into their account.
  • If the student did not receive an invitation, verify that the student’s email address is correct.


To send a student user invitation to existing students:

1. From within Kicksite, hover over Students and then click Student Invites.

The Student Invites page shows all students’ progress within the invitation stages, including Registered, Pending, Eligible for Invite, and Ineligible for Invite. This page allows the site administrator or employees to oversee and manage the progress of a student invitation.

2. Click Eligible for Invite to view students who have a valid email address, but have not yet received an invitation to set up their student user account.

3. Select the student(s) you want to invite to set up a user account by clicking the check box(es) on the right side of the page. You can also click the Check All link near the top to quickly select all eligible students.

4. (Optional) If desired, type a message to include in the invitation in the Add a Personal Message field; you can also deselect the check box(es) for any items that you do NOT wish students to see.

5. Click the Send Invitations button.


To see the status of sent invitations:

1. From within Kicksite, hover over Students and then click Student Invites.

2. Click Pending to view students who have been sent an invitation, but who have not yet created a student user account.

3. (Optional) You can re-send invitations to students by clicking the Send Invitation Email Again link to the right of the student’s name.


To view the students that do not have a valid email:

1. Hover over Students and click on Student Invites.

2. Click on Ineligible for Invite.

Students with invalid or missing email addresses appear in the Ineligible for Invite list.

3. If you have the student’s email address, click their name in the list to go to their student profile.

4. Click Edit Student.

5. Scroll down and click Add Contact Information.

6. Enter the email address in the Email Addresses field.

7. Click the Update Student button.

8. You can then go back to the Eligible for Invite list (see the steps above) and send the student an invitation.