How to Invite Students to a User Account

April 16, 2019

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Each student can have their own user account and view their information such as attendance and memberships.

  • The student MUST have an email attached to their profile to do this
  • After a student is created, Kicksite asks if you want to invite the student to register for a user account


To invite the student to have an Account

  1. Click on OK

  • An email invite will be sent for the student with a link inside to follow
  • The student or student’s guardian will then create a username and password
  • If the student did not receive an invitation, please verify that the student has a valid email address

To view the students that do not have a valid email

  1. Hover over students and click on Student Invites

  • Students with invalid or missing email addresses will be listed in Ineligible for Invite

The Student Invites section will show all students’ progress within the invitation stages including Registered, Pending, Eligible for invite, and Ineligible for invite. This section will allow the site administrator or employees to oversee and manage the progress of a student invitation. If an invite needs to be resent, click on Pending to view the students that have outstanding invitations. Click on Send invitation email again.

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