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How to Use the Quick Links Menu


Kicksite is committed to upgrading our software to make managing your business easier. As Kicksite has been making upgrades, we recognize the need to make it simple to find pages that may not (yet) have been updated and have a menu option from the Dashboard or left sidebar. To help you quickly jump to the pages you need within Kicksite, we added the Quick Links menu.

To use the Quick Links menu, click the Quick Links icon in the left sidebar, and then click the link for the page you wish to jump to. (See the image below.)

As you can see, the Quick Links menu provides a plethora of shortcuts and makes accessing a specific page within Kicksite convenient and easy.

Note: As Kicksite’s development team upgrades pages within Kicksite, the Quick Links menu will be updated. If a link is removed from the Quick Links menu, that’s because it is now available within another menu on the Dashboard or left sidebar.



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