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How to Use Ranks Overview


The Ranks Overview page can be very helpful. It shows you at a glance each belt rank in a program. It also shows you the number of students in each program, and the number of students at each rank. This can be helpful when planning a promotion testing event, or when planning another event such as a black belt seminar.


First Steps

To make use of the Ranks Overview page, you need to first add and edit programs and ranks. You then need to add students and attach the programs and ranks to the students.


To use the Ranks Overview page:

1. Click Quick Links in the left panel, click Students, and then click Ranks Overview.

2. On the Ranks Overview page, you can:

    • Click a program name to expand or collapse the program.
    • Check the student count in the program.
    • Click the Excel icon on a program to export a list of the belt ranks within the program and the students at each of the belt ranks.
    • Click the View link on a rank that has students to go to the Student List with just those students shown.

While you do see a Send Message link on ranks that have students, a best practice is to send a General Announcement using Communications. This way, you will be able to track the delivery status.


What’s Next?

Ranks overview can help you see how many students are in each program and at each rank. You might next want to check out setting up Testing Eligibility or creating a belt testing event.