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How to Share Your Calendly Calendar


After you set up your schedule in Calendly, you can share your calendar so that students can view and schedule classes or appointments.

Click the following link to watch the video on setting up Calendly to integrate with Kicksite.


First steps

Before you can share your calendar, you need to first create a paid account at Calendly. You also need to integrate your Calendly account with Kicksite.


To share your calendar:

1. Log into your Calendly account.

2. Click Account (top-right corner) and then click Share Your Link.

3. Click the icon on the right to copy the link to the Clipboard.

4. Paste the link in an email, a social media post, or your website.


To share a limited calendar:

1. On the Event Types tab, find the event you want to share.

2. Click the down-arrow by Copy Link.

3. Select whether you want to Create Single-Use Link or Add Times to Email.

4. If you choose Create Single-Use Link, you see a pop-up where you can copy the link. If you choose Add Times to Email, you can select up to three days to share with the link.

5. Paste the copied link into your email or social media post.

For more information, visit or visit their support article here.


What’s next?

After you share your Calendly calendar, find out: