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How to Run a Test Transaction


If you recently requested billing and have just received the notification that your billing is live in your Kicksite account, Kicksite recommends testing the billing with a “live” credit or debit card. This article shows you how to enter a Vault Item and run a test transaction. After the test transaction processes, check your bank to make sure the test transaction amount was deposited in your account. (It may take a few days before the transaction is deposited.)

The purpose of the test is to catch any potential problem with billing before you start charging students. Problems with billing are rare, but because your financials are so important, it’s best not to leave anything to chance!

NOTE: If you do encounter a problem with the test transaction (for example, you can’t process the test transaction or you don’t receive the $1 revenue to your bank account), please contact Kicksite at


To store a Vault Item:

1. Click Quick Links in the left panel, click Billing Finance, and then click New Vault Item.

2. Type Test Kicksite in the Student, Prospect, or Family field. (When Kicksite activates your billing, they will add a prospect with the name Test Kicksite. You can use a different prospect or a student if you prefer.)

3. Click Add Credit Card.

4. Fill in the required fields so that it matches your card information (First Name, Last Name, Type, Number, Expiration, CVV). Enter the billing address for the card in the Street Address and Zip Code fields.

5. Click the Add Vault Item button. The Vault Item will be saved.




To run a test transaction:

1. On the left panel, click Finances, and then click Add New Transaction.

2. In the Student, Family, or Prospect Name field, start typing the name Test Kicksite. Click the Test Kicksite name from the search results that appear under the field. (You can use a different prospect or a student if you prefer.)

3. In the Amount to Charge field, enter a small amount, such as 1.00.

4. From the Payment Method drop-down list, select Credit Card.

5. Under Choose a Payment Source, click Vault.

6.  Click the Charge button to run the test transaction.

Check your bank in a few days to see if the $1.00 test transaction has been deposited.



To refund the test transaction:

After you’ve verified that it has been deposited, you can refund the test transaction:

1. In the left panel, click Finances and then Transactions.

2. In the list of transactions, find the transaction you wish to refund. On the row for that transaction, click the Refund link to the far right.

3. Click OK in the window that pops up to refund the transaction.


If you encounter a problem with entering a student’s Vault Item or processing a transaction after you have successfully run the test transaction, check the FAQ article on how to troubleshoot common billing errors.