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How to Record a Payment


If a student or parent makes a cash payment, you may need to record the payment, but you don’t want to run a transaction (because that would charge a card). Read on to find out how to record a cash payment.


First Steps

You can use the Payments Dashboard and you can record a payment if you do not have billing through Kicksite. However, if you want to process payments within Kicksite, you first need to request billing.


To record a payment:

1. Click Quick Links on the left panel, click Billing Finance, and then click Payments.

2. Click the Record a Payment link in the top right.

  • Recording a payment means that the student paid for this invoice and did not use the Kicksite billing system. The student may have paid in cash, used an outside payment system such as PayPal or Venmo, or even traded an item or services.
  • Recording a payment helps you keep a history of payments that occurred outside of the Kicksite billing system.

3. Start typing the person’s name in the Student, Family, or Prospect Name field. Click the correct name in the search results.

4. Use the month, day, and year drop-down lists to enter the date the payment was made. (By default, the current date appears.)

5. (Optional) Select an option in the Payment Reason drop-down list.

6. (Optional) Select how the student paid in the Payment Method drop-down list. (For example, to record a cash payment, select Cash.)

7. Enter the amount paid in the Amount field.

8. (Optional) Click the Add Payment Notes link; in the Notes field that appears, type anything you need to remember about the transaction.

9. Click the Add Payment button to save your new payment.


To search for a payment:

1. Click Quick Links on the left panel, click Billing Finance, and then click Payments.

2. Click the Search Payments link on the top-right of the Payments Dashboard.

  • This brings up filters to be used to search for the payments that you want.
  • You can fill out one or all of these boxes; filling in more than one box will narrow search results.

3. After you enter or select one or more filters, click the Search button. Payments that match the filter(s) appear.


What’s Next?

​If you haven’t already, send your students (and their parents) a Vault Item invitation and set up recurring billing.