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How to Print an Agreement in Your Browser


If you ever need a paper copy of a signed agreement, you can use your browser’s Print function to print a copy.


First Steps

Before you can print the agreement, you need to create an agreement template and send the agreement to a student or send it to a prospect.


To print or download an agreement

1. Click Quick Links in the left panel, click the Agreements heading, and then click Agreements.

2. Click the desired agreement link in the Agreement Name column. The agreement opens in a new tab.

3. Click your browser’s menu and then click Print. (Depending on which browser you use, you may be able to right-click and choose Print.)

    • Optional: If your browser has a More Settings or Show Details option, click it and look for a Headers and Footers option. Deselecting Headers and Footers will remove the URL at the top and bottom of the printed page and make for a cleaner printed agreement.
    • Optional: If you want to download a PDF version rather than print a paper copy, make sure you select Save as PDF in the Destination options.

4. After you have made any changes needed, click Print.