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How to Opt into Kicksite Beta Testing

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Beta refers to computer software that is undergoing testing and has not yet been officially released. That means the product may not have full functionality, might have bugs, and may not include all of the features you asked for.

You may see alerts at the top of the Beta test section to notify you of missing functionality or additions to come.

Having customers try out and test drive a beta product is a common practice and industry standard when it comes to testing software. For that reason, Kicksite encourages users to try out the beta features and submit feedback. Your feedback is crucial to help us release the best final product.


How to opt in and opt out of Beta testing:

1. Navigate to the appropriate section in Kicksite that has beta testing available.

2. At the top right of the screen, click Try the Beta.

    • If beta testing is not yet live, the Try the Beta button will not be available.
    • If beta testing is live, the page will refresh to incorporate the new view and or features. A “beta” icon will appear next to the feature’s menu item on the Dashboard.
    •  After opting into the beta, you have the ability to leave and rejoin at any time.

3. Click Beta Feedback to record your thoughts about the Beta and report any bugs found.

4. To exit Beta testing, hover over the arrow to the left of Beta Feedback. The words Leave the Beta will appear. Click the link.

Tip: When a new update is available or when you opt into beta testing, we suggest clearing your browser’s history, cache, and cookies to ensure you have the best experience possible. Sometimes when you introduce new information, your browser can hold on to old data, which causes pages to load slowly or could cause glitches in the system.

To learn how to clear the browser cache for your device, see here.