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How to Export Billing Reports


If you have billing with Kicksite, you can pull a variety of financial reports. This article doesn’t cover every possible report, but instead focuses on the most frequently needed billing reports.


How to view the Transactions List

You may need to find a specific transaction to find out if a student’s payment processed, for example. Or perhaps you want to find out how much money you refunded this month. The Transaction List contains this data, and it’s easy to export and use Excel (or a similar spreadsheet program) to sort and filter to find the specific transaction(s) you need.

To pull a transaction report:

1. On the left panel, click Finance and then click Transactions.

2. Click the Export Transactions link.

3. In the Choose Month drop-down list, select the desired month.

4. Click the Export to Excel button. The report downloads as a .csv file.

You can then open the file in Excel and search, sort, or filter to find the transaction(s) you’re looking for. For example, in the following screenshot, we applied a filter on the Status column to view only Refunded transactions.

How to export the Transactions Collected report

The Transactions Collected report is similar to the Transaction List, but it sorts the transactions by type for you. Here’s how to export the Transactions Collected report:

1. Click Quick Links, click Reports, and click Collected Transactions Report.

2. If needed, select the Start Date and End Date from the calendar picker.

3. Under Payment Method, select or deselect the check boxes for the statuses of the transactions you wish to see (Approved, Failed, Refunded, Voided). Depending on your billing settings, you may only see options for credit cards, or you may see both credit card and ACH options.

4. Under Transactions Types, select or deselect the check boxes for the types of transactions you want to see (Recurring Billing, Event, Invoice, Other/Misc).

5. Click the Search button.

6. Scroll to the bottom of the search results, and then click the Export Collected Transactions Report link,


How to export the Taxes Collected report

If you need to track how much you collect in taxes, you can pull the Taxes Collected report.

1. Click Quick Links, click Reports, and click Taxes Collected.

2. If needed, select the starting date in the top calendar and the end date in the bottom calendar. You can also type the date in the From Date and To Date fields.

3. Click the Search button.

4. Click the Export to Excel link. (You might need to scroll down.)