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How Do I Update a Student’s Status?


You can update a student from Active status to Inactive status, or vice versa, in a few ways.

To update the status of multiple students at once: Use the Bulk Edit option in the Student List. In the left panel, click Students and then click List. If desired, click one of the statuses (Active, Frozen, Absent, or Inactive) at the top of the list. Select the check box next to each student that you want to update. Click the Bulk Edit button and select the desired option. (Be careful if you choose the Delete option: When you click Delete Selected Students, the students’ information will be immediately and permanently deleted. Kicksite recommends making students Inactive status rather than deleting so you don’t permanently lose their information.)

To update the status of one student at a time: You can use the Student List and select the correct status from the status drop-down list under the student’s name.

Alternatively, you search for the student and update their status on the student profile page. Click in the Search field in the upper-right corner and start typing the student’s name.

In Classic view, click the correct student in the search results, and then on the right side, click Inactivate Student (if the student is currently Active status) or Activate Student (if the student is currently Inactive status).

If you have opted into the Student Profile Beta, you change the status in the same way as on the Student list — click the status below the student’s name, and select the correct status from the drop-down list.


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