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How Do I Run an Immediate Charge on an Unpaid Student?

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When a recurring billing transaction fails for any reason, the student’s name will appear on the Billing Dashboard under Unpaid Students. To run an immediate transaction, this will be a two-step process.

Step One: Run a New Transaction

  1. From the Billing section, go to your Transactions tab and choose New Transaction.
  2. Select the Student or Family to be charged, the amount to charge, the payment reason, and the payment method.
  3. Enter in the payment information.
  4. Click Charge.

Step Two: Mark as Paid

  1. Return to your Billing Dashboard.
  2. Locate the Student or Family on the Unpaid Student list.
  3. To the right, click Mark as Paid.
  4. The first pop-up will state that this will add a non-processed transaction to the recurring billing and will update the recurring billing as if the payment had gone through as intended. This will update the paid through date and the number of payments left (if not ongoing/unlimited). If you wish to proceed, click Yes.
  5. The second pop-up allows you to:
    • Choose the Payment Method for reporting purposes.
    • Decide if you would like to create a payment record. If you followed Step One, there is already a record of the payment; to avoid creating a duplicate payment record in your system, select Do Not Create Payment Record.
  6.  Click Continue.

You have successfully taken a payment and updated the recurring billing for this student or family. Their name will now be removed from the Unpaid Student list.