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How to Freeze a Student (Classic)


One of the main statuses a student can be in is frozen status. Note: A student who is frozen is considered active but “on hold,” so they are included in your active student count.

Freezing a student is helpful when a student will be temporarily absent from the studio, but they will be back to classes after that break. For example, you may want to freeze a student who has an injury and needs to be on rest for several weeks, or a freeze a student who is studying abroad and will be out for a semester.


How to freeze a student:

1. Locate the desired student’s profile (you can reach the student’s profile by clicking their name in the Active Student list or by searching their name in the Search field).

The right side of the profile lists options to send a message, inactivate a student, and freeze a student.

2. When you click Freeze Student, a sidebar menu appears with details on what happens when you freeze a student.

Note: After you freeze a student, they will no longer receive any communications or automated messages; they will also be removed from all groups.

3. (Optional) The system will display a freeze date set a month from the current date. If needed, use the drop-down list to adjust the date.

Note: The student will not automatically unfreeze once the freeze until date is reached. The student will need to be manually unfrozen. The freeze until date is used so that a school may touch base with the student before unfreezing.

4. (Optional) If the student has recurring billings or invoices and you would like to pause them, verify the check boxes next to each recurring billing are selected.

5. Click the Freeze Student button.

Note: The date under Freeze Student Until appears on your main dashboard in the Frozen Students section.


How to unfreeze a frozen student:

1. When you are ready to return the student to active status, locate their profile and click on the blue Unfreeze Student button.

When you unfreeze them, the system allows you to unfreeze the student’s recurring billings and recurring invoices as well.

2. (Optional) Before unfreezing the recurring billings, you can adjust the remaining number of payments the student still owes by editing the Adjust Payments to 1 Of drop-down lists.

3. Click the Unfreeze Student button to return the student to active status.


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