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How to Reset a Student Password

April 16, 2019

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If the student forgets their user account password:

  1. Please have the student (or parent) click on the link that says ‘Forgot Password’ on the login screen.
  2. The student will receive an email with directions to reset their password.

​Note: If the password reset link was not received, please verify that you have the correct school URL as each school has its own unique Kicksite URL. If you are unsure of the school URL, contact your admin. Another cause for not receiving the reset link is if you are an admin, an employee and your email is already being used in the system.


3. (If needed) The school administrator can reset the password through the student’s profile on the ‘User’ tab.

  • For security purposes, the password is not displayed in the account. Please note that passwords are case-sensitive so they must be typed in exactly.

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